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Now Seeking Public Sector Contracts

Legacy Management Solutions, LLC is pursuing contracting opportunities in administrative support services. Our current client base includes small business entities in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area with expansion into the following markets:

• Federal Government Agencies  • State Government Institutions  • The Local Government • Public Sector Agencies

Multi-Ethnic Corporate Team

Administrative Management

Get help answering the phone, or find and hire temporary staff. We will represent your company in the best light when offering the following delegated services:

• Office Support
• Accounting and Bookkeeping
• Contract Administration
• Data Entry
• Human Resources
• Proposal Preparation

Fleet and Warehouse Management

When demands increase and your current capacities have been exceeded, we can help with a host of transportation and facilities support services. Some include:

• Ground Passenger Transportation
• Couriers and Express Delivery Services
• General Warehousing and Storage


Through our past efforts and interactions between large and small firms, we have developed an expansive network of business relationships that we now use to generate trust and increase collaboration between Fortune 500 corporations and small enterprises. Our portfolio includes working with the following organizations:

• Applied Business Management Solutions Incorporated (ABMSI©) - Temporary Staffing

• ADC Management Solutions, LLC - Administrative Support Services

• First Priority Tours - Fleet Management and Temporary Staffing

• Future Point Communications - Administrative Support Services

• Hawkins Solutions - Administrative Support Services

• Human Resources Learning Center - Accounting and Bookkeeping Services